Kashtiyaan beh jaati hai..Toofan Chale jaate hain... Yaadein reh Jaati hai Insaan Chale Jaate hain...!!!

"AdVeRsItY CaUsEs SoMeOnE To BrEaK AnD OtHeRs To BrEaK ThE ReCoRdS!!...!!!!"


Hi!! friends .......

I am Heera "rjvishal" - a commerce graduate 4m university of calcutta.Currently, i am persuaing my MBA in Media Management 4m Asian School Of Media Studies,Noida. I just love muzic and actually every part of it.!!!....

I am a big fan of Abhas kumar ganguly....confused....???
Kishore kumar yaar!! 

and can't imagine life without his songs..

"As battery needs 2 be charged before performing any action..i need myself 2 b charged daily with his songs!!..."

FolloW YouR HeaRtZZ...!!!!



♫♫ "Life means: a winter evening,four friends,mild rain , four cups of tea.

Life means: hundred bucks of petrol,two rusty old bikes,and an open road.

Life means: maggie noodles , a hostel room 3:25 a.m.,one night,one book , four duffers.

Life means: 3 old friends , 3 separate cities , 3 coffee mugs and 1 internet messenger.

Life means: one girl ,one number,four friends and a fight.......

Life means......"Friends!!"..... ♫♫